Civil Services

Civil Services

Civil Services

Civil Services

EVICCO is a trusted name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for quality delivery of a wide range of construction projects for infrastructure, commercial, civil and industrial clients. We have the expertise to cater to diverse demands of constructions right from designing to execution and maintenance of the projects. Employing latest and innovative methods of constructions and use of quality materials is our distinguishing feature. Adherence to safety and sustainability norms and timely completion of projects are our other virtues. 

We provide engineering and construction services to clients in multiple sectors – Oil & Gas, Thermal, Marine, infrastructure, commercial, residential and industrial.
We provide Constructions & Project Management services in the following fields:
We adopt a holistic approach in executing infrastructure projects. While providing high- value solutions to the projects, we ensure that the construction does not cause any adverse impact on the environment but the technicalities and innovative values of the venture are protected.

EVICCO provides infrastructure services in the following fields:

  • Underground Utilities
  • Rain Drainage Network
  • Electrical Network
  • Water & Sewerage Network
  • Roads
  • Street Lighting

We thoughtfully design and erect residential structures. The constructions empower communities and make the living experiences   of people wonderful. We include in the residential projects all those facilities the people dream to have in their dream houses. Our constructions have been appraised high on aspects of aesthetics, quality, safety and reliability.

In the domain of residential constructions, we undertake the erection of the following structures:

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Housing Compounds
  • Mosques
  • Labor Camp
  • Portable Units
  • Recreation Camp Constructions
  • Hotels


EVICCO offers full architectural and construction solutions for commercial ventures. We understand that the structural needs of different commercial clients are different. Hence, we tailor our services to suit the needs of the client right from conception to completion. We infuse innovation and professionalism into the projects and imprint on them our unique style.

The commercial constructions we are competent to accomplish include:

  • Malls & Strip Malls
  • Educational Building
  • Bank
  • Entertainment Parks 

EVICCO is ranked as one among the top E.P.C companies in Saudi Arabia. We have earned the reputation by successfully executing quality construction of large, complex and challenging projects for different industrial sectors. We weave innovation and creativity in the projects to make them exemplary.

The turn-key projects we undertake for the industrial clients include construction, installation and reinstallation, fabrication, facility maintenance and maintenance of all of the structural and mechanical components in power plants, oil and gas installations, thermal units, factories, steel buildings etc.


  • Piling and Shoring
  • Soil Improvement
  • Land Development and Installation
  • Road Maintenance
  • Garden and Park Maintenance
  • Equipment Rentals


Piling Services:

Bored Cast-in-Place Piles, Drilling of various soil types, Sheet Piling, System De-watering

Soil Improvement Services

Earth Works, Vibro Compaction, Stone Columns, Dyna pack Compaction

 Land Development and Installation Services

All infrastructure works, including underground drainage systems, Electrical works, Telecommunications, Draining, Excavating, Filling, Grading, Paving and Asphalt.

Road Maintenance Services

Repairing, patching broken pavements and repairing guard rails. The installation and maintenance of road markers; the installation of road fencing and crash barriers

Parks and Garden Maintenance Services

Ground leveling, planting and grass seeding. Strimming of gardens, weed spraying and various ground maintenance tasks.

Equipment Rental Services

Complete Piling system including Piling Rig, Service Crane, JCB & Shovel, Trailers (Low Bed and Flat Bed), Cable Pulling Equipment, Vibro Hammer etc. on a periodic basis.